Betnow Unveils Fantasy Football Analysis Including NBA and College Basketball

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Betnow, an online sportsbook, recently debuted their fantasy football analysis. This analysis covers both the NFL and NCAA college football to help fantasy players who follow both levels of football.

In the past, exclusively offered odds for different sporting events. Those odds had been seen in a variety of television shows, magazines and newspapers. The same professionals who set those odds will now post their fantasy football analysis on the site. Users will be able to access it in much the same way that they did the odds.

The fantasy football analysis is meant to be comprehensive. It will cover the offenses, defenses and special teams players. Betnow specifically will include NFL betting as well for even more fantasy information. This analysis will stay up on the site, even after a week’s games, so that players will be able to see how the analysis held up week by week.

“Our players asked for fantasy football analysis, and now we’re ready to give it to them. All of the same research that goes into making our odds will now be used for fantasy football too. Instead of our players being forced to get their fantasy football picks from someone who’s never picked a game before, they can get it straight from the pro. It’s one more way that we can help our players to do better on game day,” said Jose Ramos, marketing manager of BetNow.

Betnow has offered college basketball betting services for many years. Players can find information about football, basketball, baseball and more.

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