Football Software Completed by Sports Per Head

Pay-Per-Head Online Bookie Software and How to Be a Bookie

Sports Per Head, a provider of pay-per-head services, has completed their Week 3 football software. Wrapped up in time for the start of Week 3, players will be able to bet on games from across the NFL.

During September, this is when all NFL teams start to play their games. These games count towards playoff competitions, rather they enable coaching staff to evaluate players. Some teams play their starters often, but most limit their playing time, thus minimizing the risk of injury.

These games are important; people do bet on them. Sports Per Head includes these games in their online bookie software. Bookies can use Sports Per Head technology to set the betting lines to anything they would like.

“Playing on the NFL has been successful for Sports Per Head, as well as our bookies, for so many years. It adds an element of fun and excitement to the season. These games are as unpredictable as any, and everyone is glad to have football back. Our bookies have used Sports Per Head software for the NFL season over the course of many years, and we look forward to working with our bookies all way through the regular season and into the playoffs,” said Juan Lopez of Sports Per Head.

In addition to the NFL, Sports Per Head software also offers software for the MLB, NBA, NHL, as well as college sports.

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Source: Sports Per Head