IDSCA Announces Pay-Per-Head Software for the NFL Season

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The IDSCA, a pay-per-head site, recently finished their season football software. This will enable their bookies to offer games for the NFL season, as well as the upcoming regular season.

Preseason football began with the Hall of Fame Game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons. The rest of the preseason games continued throughout the month of August, with all teams (except for the Broncos and Falcons) playing four games. The preseason is considered a time when NFL teams can integrate their draft picks and new players into the fold, determining who should ultimately make the 53-man roster and practice squad.

IDSCA’s bookie software makes it possible for bookies to offer these games to their players. The players can then play on the games. IDSCA offers the games with betting lines. However, bookies can choose to alter those games, should they decide to do so.

“The NFL season is an exciting time, as it means that the regular season has already started. With our new software, bookies can take advantage of all of that excitement. Players want to have fun on these games, but they also want to be able to challenge each other on a platform they trust. At IDSCA, our software is up more than 99% of the time, so that whenever folks want to play on the NFL season, they’ll be able to do so,” said Jose Ramos, marketing director of IDSCA.

IDSCA offers pay-per-head sportsbook services for the NFL throughout the season, regular season, and playoffs. College football software, among other sports, is also available.

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Source: IDSCA