IDSCA Gears Up for Bulk of College Basketball Season

IDSCA, a pay per head sportsbook software for online bookmakers, announced that it has faster lines for playing in the game. This improvement was announced to coincide with the beginning of the college basketball season as well as the NBA and NFL.

The new, faster lines for in-game plays are designed to let players continue betting even after the game has started. Instead of a static line that becomes locked in place at the moment the game begins, this new line allows players to bet during game action. Compared to the in-game line plays of their past, representatives from IDSCA say that these lines are faster. IDSCA already offered quarter lines and halftime lines. These allow players to bet lines on the end of quarters as well as the halftime respectively. Over/under is another way that IDSCA allows its players to bet.

IDSCA also brings the ability to bet during the game on NBA, and NFL. Users can bet during every single quarter of a basketball game. This would continue into extra quarters as well, should the game go that long. Typical basketball betting stops the betting once the game starts

“Agents and user just love what we’re doing. The players get more to play than ever before. What’s best about it is it rewards the players who know more. You know one team has a great bullpen? You can bet the innings with this online bookie software before they get out there. Or after. We made these changes to put players in command,” according to an IDSCA spokesperson.

For more information about in-game lines for the college basketball season, or to make a press inquiry, call (866) 255-5437.

Source: IDSCA


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