IDSCA Pay per Head Service Gears Up for Another Busy March Tournament

IDSCA, a pay per head sportsbook site, is currently preparing its full menu for all of the action of the March basketball tournament. As a betting event, the college basketball tournament is even bigger than the NFL Championship Game.

IDSCA has been providing online bookie software for more than 20 years. The site enables bookies to acquire and retain players. Designed to run on any kind of mobile device, the site allows players to bet in real time during a game.

As per usual, the tournament will be played in different spots of the country. Hartford, Des Moines, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Columbia, Columbus, Tulsa, and San Jose will host the first and second rounds of games. The rounds of 16 and 8 will be held in Anaheim, Louisville, Washington DC and Kansas City. Finally, the Final Four and the National Championship Game will be in Minneapolis.

“This is a great year for college basketball because there’s no one set team that everyone picks to win it all. Sure, Duke might be the favorite, but if Zion isn’t one hundred percent, they could struggle. This is the perfect time to get started with a pay per head service because you’ll have so many gamblers who don’t typically bet on games coming out for this,” said Julio Vargas, Marketing Manager of IDSCA.

Bookies can use the software to make their own lines, track bets, and more. The service handles the majority of all professional football, baseball, hockey and basketball games.

For more information about IDSCA’s offerings throughout the tournament, men’s basketball, or to make a press inquiry, contact IDSCA at or (866) 225-5437.

Source: IDSCA


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