IDSCA Ready for 2019-2020 NBA Season Tip-Off

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IDSCA, an online bookie software provider, announced that they are fully prepared for the upcoming NBA season. Their packages have been completed, so bookies will be able to offer their players games for the upcoming NBA season. 

The season starts on October 22nd. Before that night, bookies can go to IDSCA and then offer their players the games to bet on. Fans of many teams will have the opportunity to see their teams on national television right from the beginning of the season. Sixteen different teams will play eleven national games on the first five days of the season.

IDSCA, a pay per head site, will continue to offer real-time, in-game wagering for the NBA all season long, just as it had previously. Additionally, IDSCA still provides bookies with complete control over their lines as well as their offerings.

“Last year’s NBA season was an incredible success for our bookies, and it sure seems like the new season will be, too. We completed our packages ahead of time, so that our bookies can take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. With so much player movement during the NBA offseason, this year really gives bookies who know their stuff a chance to win more than ever before. We’re glad to be by their side every step of the way,” said Jose Ramos, Marketing Director of IDSCA. 

IDSCA also offers pay per head sportsbook services for college basketball, college football, the NFL, MLB, and the NHL as well as the NBA. 

For more information about the NBA season tip-off, in-game wagering, or to make a press inquiry, contact the IDSCA at (866) 225-5437 or visit

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