IDSCA Releases Complete Slate of Different Sports Games

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IDSCA, a pay-per-head sportsbook site, has announced that they will continue taking bets on horse racing as long as the races continue to take place internationally.  The sports industry at large is currently at a standstill amid the global spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although most play, and thus most betting action is now suspended, IDSCA assures both bookie and player clients that they will continue to update the public on future action whenever it returns. 

The industry at large took a major hit with the suspension of the NBA season and also news of the outright cancellation of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The annual March tournament has been known to draw the highest amount of betting action for any sport in the world, including the NFL Championship Game. 

However, today, horse racing has seen a rise in betting action online, especially with the closure of major sportsbooks in Macau, Las Vegas, and throughout the world. 

According to the company, the technology has become more user-friendly and faster than ever. When all major sporting events return, bookies will be able to offer the games however they would like. In-game and pre-game betting will be enabled. Additionally, the point spread of the game will be available, but with this bookie software, they will be able to change that to whatever they would like. IDSCA did this so that their bookies would have more control over the games they offer. 

“March Madness has long been one of the best events for our bookies. Although there is no end in sight to the suspension of sports, our team of staff and our reliable servers are ready to go at the first bit of action,” said Jose Ramos, Marketing Director of IDSCA.  

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Source: IDSCA