In Time for the Season, New College Basketball Betting Software From Sports Per Head

Sports Per Head, a pay-per-head site, has completed its software that focuses on NCAA men’s college basketball betting. This software offers more games than before, as well as more ways to bet on those games. 

A men’s college basketball season often consists of mostly non-conference games, followed by their conference schedule, conference tournaments, and then post-season tournaments (such as March Madness), should the teams qualify. This new software from Sports Per Head enables their bookies to offer, more or less, all of these games. 

This pay-per-head site also enables “in-game wagering” as well. In the past, sports betting would mostly stop as soon as the game started. With this new software, Sports Per Head allows bookies to accept bets on different scores and outcomes throughout the course of the game. The goal is to increase the opportunities for bookies and bettors to make money. 

“The days of only betting on the final score are over. College basketball games have halves. So many different things can occur through a college basketball game. Here at Sports Per Head, we believe that you should be able to bet on what can happen and win, regardless of if it has to do with the final score. That’s just one of the things that this software can do. We’re dedicated to making sure that our bookies and their players have as many chances to win as possible,” said Juan Lopez of Sports Per Head.

In addition to college basketball and March Madness, Sports Per Head bookies can offer their players the option to bet on the NBA, NCAA football, NFL football and more. 

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Source: Sports Per Head