Sports Per Head Provides Bookies Opportunity to Offer XFL Games

Pay-Per-Head Online Bookie Software & Service by Sports Per Head

Sports Per Head, a provider of online bookie software, has made it possible for their bookies to offer XFL games to their players. Just as they would with other football games, bookies will be able to provide betting lines and more to their players on these games. 

Sports Per Head has been making it possible for sports bookie software companies to offer football games for many years in the pro and college ranks. This year, with the return of the XFL, Sports Per Head has made it possible for bookies to offer games from all 10 weeks of the regular season and the two weeks post-season. 

Just as with the other games that Sports Per Head offers on their pay-per-head sportsbook site, bookies will be able to adjust the lines and similar as they see fit. In-game betting will be enabled, too. 

“Football is back. It seemed like we might not say that until September, but the XFL has gotten off to a good start. We realized quickly that our bookies, as well as their players, were going to want to be able to bet on these games, so we’ve made them available. They’ll get the same high-quality treatment that all of the games that we offer do. So many of our bookies have already told us about how they’ve been able to use the XFL to bring in players that they never would’ve had otherwise. It’s going to be great all season long,” said Juan Lopez from Sports Per Head.  

Sports Per Head offers thousands of betting events every month, as well as an online casino and racebook, which includes the pay-per-head software.

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Source: Sports Per Head