Tony's Picks Has Games With Big CFB Playoff Implications

Tony’s Picks, a site where professionals give their picks on who will win games in many different sports, have their NCAA football picks in for the upcoming games with enormous implications for the college football playoffs.

Tony’s Picks offers free college football picks for games across the NCAA landscape. Their experts have made their picks in the games between Michigan and Ohio State, Notre Dame and USC as well as Washington and Washington State. These are rivalry games with traditions that go back decades. These are the games that many fans look forward to all year. As they occur towards the end of the year, they can significantly impact the postseason.

These are the games that matter. The pros have made their picks for the biggest games. Going with your gut is a surefire way to lose money. The experts have done the research and know who's going to the BCS and who's staying home.

Tony Tellez, CEO and Founder of Tony's Picks

Tony’s Picks employs experts who have bet college football games successfully over many years. At the site, they take great pride in employing professionals with a track record of success in picking the winners of college football games before they occur.

In addition to the plethora of football picks offered each week, Tony’s Picks also has free NBA picks, free basketball picks as well as other major sports like college basketball.

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Source: Tony's Picks


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