Tony's Picks Unveils Full Slate of XFL Picks

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Tony’s Picks, a site that offers NFL picks from professional handicappers, among many other sports, recently announced that they would provide picks for the XFL games. The resurrected league began to play on February 8, featuring players from the college and pro ranks. 

During that time, Tony’s Picks offer professional handicapper advice on all eight teams in all four of the games. That advice included what players could look for in terms of the point spread, offense, defense, fantasy betting, and others. Tony’s Picks will continue to do so for the rest of the regular season as well as the XFL playoffs. 

“The new XFL is far more serious than the original incarnation was. There are players on these teams that some NFL fans have seen before. Our handicappers are riding high off of an NFL playoff run that is as strong as any other that we’ve had before. The first week of the XFL continues those winning ways. These games are a great opportunity for people who take their sports gambling seriously to bridge a bit of the gap between the end of one NFL season and the start of the next. We’ll be glad to provide the kind of high-quality analysis that our enthusiasts have come to expect,” said Tony Tellez, Founder of Tony’s Picks. 

In addition to picks of the NFL and XFL, Tony’s Picks also features free NBA picks, MLB picks, college basketball picks, and others. 

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Source: Tony's Picks