Tony's Picks Welcomes the Legalization of Sports Betting

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Tony’s Picks, a free NFL picks site, supports the current trend towards the further legalization of sports betting. Betting was previously illegal in a strong majority of states, but due to recent Supreme Court decisions, betting on sports has become legal in many more states throughout the country. 

The “Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act” (PASPA), authorized in 1992 by the United States Congress, made sports betting illegal in 46 states. A recent 6-3 ruling by the Supreme Court essentially struck down the act, making betting on sports that much more legal in many states. As of this writing, not every state has legalized betting on sports, but more have than ever before. 

In some states, betting on sports could still be illegal, depending upon state referendums or laws specific to that state. The ruling by the Supreme Court merely struck down a law, it did not create new ones. 

“It’s great that people will finally have the freedom to bet on the sports that they want. Really, this is a decision that makes people safer. They won’t have to get a bet down through some shady, underground bookie, or anything like that. Instead, they’ll be able to bet when and where they want. At Tony’s Picks, we’re a hundred percent in support of this. Now, everyone gets a chance to be a winner,” said Tony Tellez, Founder and CEO of Tony’s Picks. 

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