Wins Keep Rolling on Pay Per Head Sports Site Through NBA Playoffs

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IDSCA, a pay per head sportsbook service, reported a high number of bookies making profits during the 2019 NBA Playoffs. A site representative offered multiple theories as to why that might be the case: close series between evenly matched teams, the possible upset of the Milwaukee Bucks prevailing against the Boston Celtics, and other factors.

The NBA Playoffs pit the top eight teams in each conference against each other. As of this writing, the Conference Final round is determining who will play in the NBA Finals. Golden State is favored against Portland, but injuries are believed to have lessened Golden State’s advantage in the Western Conference Finals. In the Eastern Conference, Toronto takes on Milwaukee, in a matchup between two markets that do not have many championships between them.

Bookies have made profits using IDSCA’s site. While many bookies have found success by offering their players the lines that IDSCA provides, others have found success in making their own lines. By setting what they want the line for the game to be, it is believed that they can reach more players that might have chosen to bet with other sites in the past.

“The NBA Playoffs have been great for our bookies as well as our players. We’ve got bookies reporting profits all over. Sometimes, when that happens early in the playoffs, it keeps the players away from the later rounds. However, that’s not the case this year. In fact, we’ve had more players than ever that keep coming back to our site. What makes it so great is that our bookies can bring them in for the NBA Playoffs, and then retain them through the baseball season and on into football season,” said Jose Ramos, marketing director of IDSCA.

In addition to the NBA, IDSCA also offers online bookie software that covers NHL games, baseball games, college basketball, as well as college and pro football.

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Source: IDSCA